How Would You Like to:

-Get Over Your Past,

-Solve Your Current Challenges,

-Have What You Want in Life:

-Have a Great Relationship,

-Have a Truly Satisfying Career,

-Have More Happiness,

-Have More Success,

-Have a Truly Fulfilling Life.

Hi, I’m Charles Boyd, 

Life Fulfillment Coach.

I use Strategic Intervention Coaching to help you:
  • Solve your personal problems, 
  • Design your fulfilling life,
  • Achieve your important goals
So You Can Actually Have:
  • The Happier,
  • More Successful, 
  • More Fulfilling Life, You Really Want.
Charles Boyd, Life Fulfillment Coach

Contact Information:






681 10 St SW 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Life Fulfillment Coaching is about us looking at sixteen areas of your life, and finding out:

  • where you are happy with your life, 
  • and where you are not happy with your life, 
  • and why not
Then we design what would make your life really feel fulfilling.
The “Magic” is,  I use my training as a Strategic Intervention Coach to help you resolve:
the limiting-beliefs, and emotional limitations, that are keeping your life stuck, as it now is,
and stopping you from having what you really want in life.
And I help you make the internal changes you need to make,
and take the practical steps you need to take, 
to make your life the way you want it to be, 
completely fulfilling.
So, let me ask you, are you tired of having:
  • the same problems or challenges,
  • or the same unfulfilled important goals,
  • month after month,
  • or even year after year? 


Are you tired of the emotional ping-pong game of
  • frustration, 
  • sadness, 
  • anger, 
  • depression,
  • anxiety, 

that comes with having long-term challenges, and unfulfilled goals? 


And, is your biggest challenge interfering with your:
  • happiness, 
  • or your relationships, 
  • or your success, 
  • or your fulfillment in life? 


Have you tried everything you can think of, but nothing really changes? 

Then you should bring it to an expert. Because, let’s face it, 

if your best effort, hasn’t worked in the past, and it isn’t working now, 

doing more of the same thing, isn’t going to work any better. 

So, you could use some Strategic Intervention Coaching for that.

Let’s face it, everyone could use some Coaching, sometime.

Have a think about your own life:

How is your life? Really think about it. Feel it.

What parts of your life are good?

What parts are not so good?

What do you want more of?

What could be better?

What must be better?

Who’s responsible for making that happen?

And why don’t you have that, right now?

areas of life

Here’s Why :

As Albert Einstein said,

“We can’t solve our problems, with the same level of thinking, that created them.”
-Either we just don’t know how to solve our problemsor
-We know how, but can’t get ourselves to take effective action
-People are also creatures of habit, and we often keep doing the same old thing, 
even when it  doesn’t produce the results we want.

Help Has Arrived

I took everything I’ve learned over the last fifteen years, and
designed Life Fulfillment Coaching to provide healthy people with
the personal breakthroughs, support, and guidance we all need to:
Help you solve the problems you want to solve,
and help you design the life you really want to be living now, 
and then help you take action to achieve your design.
Basically, to help you make your whole life highly fulfilling.

What Qualifies Me To Help You With Your Life?

Here’s my education and related training:
  • I was a teacher, I have a B. Ed degree. So I’m an educated guy.
  • Then I studied Massage Therapy, so I know how our body works.

But, I wanted to work with adults helping them solve their problems and help make their lives better.

So I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to learn how our minds work.

NLP is the study of how people think, and how we create and maintain our own problems, and how to think in better, more effective ways, to solve your problems and make your life better.

  • I took two NLP Practitioner trainings, one in Canada, one in California.
  • Then I took an NLP Master Practitioner training.
  • Then I took an NLP Trainer’s training.

But, I still didn’t feel my knowledge was complete, so I also took 2 life Coach trainings:

  • Robbins-Madanes Training

Tony Robbins is the personal change master, and now I know how to do what he does.

Cloe Madanes is a Phd who has trained 100,000 therapists in how to be effective.

  • Strategic Intervention Institute Training

Mark and Magali Peysha are partners with Tony and Cloe at Robbins-Madanes.

They run their own institute in Santa Barbara, and train Coaches in effective Strategic Interventions.

Being a former teacher and an educated guy, I approached all this training the same way I did my formal education.

  • I’ve also done a lot of additional reading and study on my own.

And all of that education, training and knowledge, is what qualifies me to help you make your life better.

Who Do I Choose To Work With?

My Typical Client 

is a high-functioning, well-balanced, mentally healthy individual, in their 30’s – 50’s, who has achieved a good degree of success in life. 

Their life looks good from the outside, but they want to improve some areas, that will make their life experience even better. 

Maybe they just feel something is missing, and life could be better

Maybe they have a specific problem they want solve.

Often they are at a cross-road and they need to clarify the right path for them. 

Often they are often facing a huge life-transition, and they need some help making that transition successfully.

My Other Typical Client 

is a caring parent, who wants to help their 20 something adult child get their life off to a good start.

They’re concerned about their adult child’s future, and they want them to have a happy successful life. 

I work with the young adult, and help them make the right decisions for them,

and I help ensure they take action to move their life forward.

I’m their older, wiser, experienced, Life Fulfillment Coach.

Who Do I Not Work With: 

I’m not a doctor or a Psychiatrist,

so if you have have an organic condition such as Schizophrenia, or Psychosis, or have had a break with reality, I can’t help you manage that condition. 

So, if you’re under the care of a Psychiatrist, please consult with your doctor about whether you’re ready for Life Fulfillment Coaching.

Once it’s cleared by your doctor, I’ll be willing to meet with you.

Otherwise, I work with mentally stable people, who want to make their life better.

You’re Probably Wondering,
“How Can Coaching Help Me?”

Well, imagine for a moment, that it’s your life satisfaction, represented on this Wheel of Life.

Career Satisfaction is only 4/10 (ouch)

Financial Satisfaction is only 6/10

Personal Growth Satisfaction is 3/10

Health/Fitness Satisfaction is 6/10

Family Satisfaction is 7/10

Social Life Satisfaction is 6/10

Attitude Satisfaction is 7/10

-Your Overall Happiness is only 6/10

-Your Life Fulfillment is only 5/10

wheel of life 4
Pre-Coaching Wheel of Life

In other words, it’s an average life, but not a fulfilling life. That’s what you were able to achieve on your own, but you want your life to be actually fulfilling

That’s why you need a Life Fulfillment Coach, to help you make your life fulfilling.

Now imagine your life after Coaching:

-Your Career is now 9 out of 10

-Finance is now 9 out of 10

-Personal Growth is 10 out of 10

-Health/Fitness is 8 out of 10

-Family is 8 out of 10

-Relationship is 9 out of 10

-Social Life is 9 out of 10

-Attitude is 10 out of 10

-Your Happiness is 10/10

-Your Fulfillment is 10/10

Post-Coaching Wheel of Life

In other words, Now you have a VERY fulfilling life! Now your life is, the way you want it to be. 

That’s what Life Fulfillment Coaching can do for you.

So, instead of staying stuck where you are

doing more of what isn’t working, 

and tolerating what isn’t satisfying, 

it just makes sense, to work with someone who has the expertise to:

  • understand the real cause of the problems and challenges you’re facing.
  • and recognize the effective solutions,
  • and help you implement them.
  • and help you progress and move your life forward, quickly.

So that, instead of still having the same challenges, problems, and unfulfilling circumstances, years from now, 

you’ll actually have the much happier, more fulfilling, more successful life, you really want.

Or you can spend the same money trying to achieve happiness by buying a bunch of unfulfilling crap.

So, if you’re starting to feel: 

-This all makes sense, 

-This is just what I need,

phone or E-mail my office now, and schedule a No-Fee Initial Consultation.

We’ll meet in my office, and discuss your situation, and how you’d like it to be instead, 

and how I can help you achieve what you really want in life. 

Then, if we both feel we’re a good fit, I’ll invite you to become my client.


It’s really that simple to get started on solving your biggest challenges

and achieving your most important goals in life

and ultimately, creating the fulfilling life you really want to be living.


So, contact my office.

It Could Be The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done For You.

PHONE 403-452-1919


I came to Charles because I was at a place in my life, where I just wasn’t satisfied, and I didn’t know what to do to make things better. He was warm and friendly, we sat and talked, and I realized what I’d been chasing for years, wasn’t what I really wanted in life. He helped me learn what my real values are! So now I’m on the right path for me, and I’m finally enjoying my journey, knowing I’m headed in the right direction.

-Marcus S.


I was having trouble in my marriage and was even thinking of divorce, but didn’t really want to do it, because we have 2 kids. As Charles and I talked I learned what I had been doing, that was creating my own situation. He showed my how to turn it around, and within 3 months we’re happier and closer than we have been in many years. 

Thanks Charles!

-Terri V


Charles was great to work with, he put me at ease right away, and I never felt judged. We focused on how my life is, and how I wanted it to be, and he helped me see what I had been doing that was stopping me from improving my own life. More importantly, he made changing what I was doing easy.  

-Melanie B.

Still deciding to go for it? Most people decide to:

Improve a relationship, with someone important in your life.  So, who do you want a better relationship with, and why?

Isn’t that worth doing now?

Maybe you want to change some part of your life, and make it better. So, what do you want to make better, and why?

Is that worth doing now?

Maybe you want to stop doing some unwanted behaviour, or stop feeling some unpleasant emotion. If so, what do you want to stop doing, and why?

Isn’t that worth doing now?

Or, maybe you want to do something that’s important to you, but you feel you can’t do it yet. If so, what is it you want to be able to do?

Is that worth doing now?

Or, you simply want to live with more happiness, more love, more pleasant emotions, and just live a truly satisfying fulfilling life.

Isn’t that worth doing now?

Or, you want to continue your personal growth, constantly learning, and growing, and becoming a better you.

That is always worth doing now.

So, are you ready to make your life better now

Then contact me for your

No Fee, Initial Consultation.